Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Gargoyle at the Gates

Introducing the fantastic cover for 
The Gargoyle at the Gates, 
Book 3 in the Lost Gargoyle Series


Now coming November 2012

Christopher Canning has a problem. He has just moved to Toronto. He has a new school and no friends. But even worse, the park next door is creepy: voices whisper in the bushes, and something throws apples at his window and howls at the moon.

But what?

Gargoyles! Their names are Gargoth and Ambergine, and they need help. An evil thief named the Collector is after them, and wants to lock them away in his dark mansion, forever.

Befriending a gargoyle takes courage, but it's worth it. Once he does, Christopher has more friends than he ever imagined, including Katherine, a girl from his class who knows the gargoyles as well. When the Collector steals Ambergine, it's up to Katherine and Christopher to get her back, as long as something else doesn't catch them along the way.

The award-nominated Lost Gargoyle series:

The Gargoyle in my Yard (2009) 
A CCBC Best Book and an SYRCA Diamond Willow Nominee 2011
The Gargoyle Overhead (2010) 
An OLA Silver Birch Express Nominee 2012, a Resource Links Best Bet
The Gargoyle at the Gates (2012)

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