Friday, 18 November 2011

Is it wrong to love stickers on books?

Canadian Children's Book Choice & Silver Birch Nominee Stickers
the magic of the humble sticker!

Why do I love the way these stickers look on my books?

They're adorable, and make people want to pick my books up, so those are two good reasons to love them, I guess.

But there is something very magical about these stickers, they bestow some kind of weird authority, some instant validity, that my presence alone does not.

I've seen it again and again: people see the stickers on the books while I'm at a reading or signing or book fair, make a little exclamation something along the lines of "OH! Canadian Children's Book Centre!" or "WOW! A Silver Birch? That's BIG," which is of course great, then they want to know more about the books and make a purchase.

It's amazing. Who knew that the humble sticker was the way to go when selling your books to the public? Best $8.99 I've ever spent! They're just stickers. But I love them.

PD/November 18/2011



It can't be wrong when it feels so right!

Very cool, Miss Philippa!

Kal Honey said...

Marketing 101 -- people love stickers -- and if there's some sort of 3rd party endorsement, of course that's all the better. Who says the old career can't help the new one?

Philippa Dowding said...

That is so true Kal, my secret marketing past must be colliding with my author present ... and explains why I love the stickers so. Phew. Thought it was just something about the glue!!